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Below are just a few of the many testimonials received from previous satisfied clients, both new business start ups and established businesses who have benefited from our expertise:

Information given throughout the consultancy was very clear, very precise and understood very well. We were amazed at how much information was provided and how much work we covered throughout the day. We feel more confident about moving forward and starting fresh.
Thank you Jane for all your help and expertise.
J.T Established Business

Very informative and very helpful, gave us ideas that would not be considered before.
The Consultancy is straight to the point and no nonsense but Jane is a lovely person.
I would use the Consultancy again.
H.F Established Business

This was an excellent informative session that gives you a broader picture of what you are venturing into and ways to protect yourselves.
S.T New Business

How to avoid pitfalls when starting a business but could definitely do with more time as Jane has so much to cover. This was a very good session.
M.J New Business

Jane was very informative. I really have appreciated the advice given and did not realise the importance of some of the issues raised.
K.J New Business

Jane’s substantial knowledge of the bridal business was certainly quite evident and her personality shines through, the advice and practicalities were excellently explained.
K.S New Business

Very in depth and definitely a must before you make the mistakes, the consultancy helped with my own bridal business as well as helping support my partners business.
L.F New Business

Found the consultancy “very” informative and essential, thoroughly enjoyable day.
S.J New Business

Very worthwhile day, so much covered, explained, understood, and learned a lot of extra info on the business.
N. M Established Business

Brilliant consultant, great ideas, very knowledgeable, we have learnt a lot about the business.
Jane is very experienced, very welcoming and comfortable.
M.O Established Business

I feel like we have a good structure to now follow and put into a business plan, this information has been invaluable to help us plan ahead. Very good, feel more confident have learnt a lot and am now aware of costs.
W.L New Business

Very helpful, gave us a lot to think about and work with, a great help going to the next step.
H.A New Business

Huge experience and very good at explaining things, best source of information and help ever.
Honest and direct information and guidance. It was definitely value for Money.
H.M New Business

Wonderful experience and have learnt a great deal how to start up a Bridal Business.
H.D New Business

It is an invaluable lesson for anyone needing to learn the bridal business.
H.K New Business

So much information given I didn’t know I needed, Explained simply with lots of details. “Brilliant”
K.K. Established Business

Very informative and productive day would use services again.
B.L New Business

Jane gave very good advice and we will look forward to putting her advice into practise.
O.J New Business

Helpful and friendly, advice comprehensive and easy to understand I would certainly contact Jane to assess a business for me before purchasing it, very practical with well thought out ideas. Well done Jane.
D.C New Business

Only wish I’d met Jane 5 years ago when I was setting up shop!
I would highly recommend this consultancy.
Brilliant day and very enjoyable, learnt so much.
G.F Established Business

A great experience, honest, realistic, approachable.
Invaluable expertise, highly recommended, Thank you so much “Fantastic”
H.A New Business

Thank you for lovely informative day, your knowledge and experience has been a real eye opener. I do think it is a lot of information to take in, in just one day.
H.N New Business

A mind boggling three days but so very helpful, first time I have received good sound practical advice, thank you so much.
H.S Established business

I think two sessions are necessary to cover the in depth topics. It was the ” little gems” that I found the most useful. I can do tax, employment etc through other people, but your knowledge of the industry and handling customers is absolutely priceless!
This course is essential to everyone thinking of setting up a bridal business.
S.L New Business

This was our 2nd consultancy and again was given invaluable advice.
Jane has exceeded our expectations with more advice, help and ideas to improve our business.
Money well spent and a lovely day had by all, thank you Jane.
J.V Established Business

Excellent day, incredibly useful, money well spent as Jane has saved us so much money and refocused us by giving us invaluable advice. Thank you very much.
K.S Established Business

Very comprehensive, honest and open approach. realistic and helped to clarify our decision making, Looking forward to moving on.
L.D New Business

Consultancy was very thorough and a lot of detail to take in, very useful.
Exactly what we were after. Will be more questions I’m sure, as we take it all in.
D.P New Business

Really thorough service, Jane was happy to answer all questions in detail, I feel really positive taking the next step into starting the business. Thank you
L.E New Business

All Info was very informative and a good exercise even though we have owned our own business for eighteen years, each business is individual and I felt we learnt a lot for this particular industry, help with choosing suppliers was good for clients who have never been in the industry.
R.C Existing Business

Very helpful and informative, open, honest and would recommend to other businesses.
T.P Established business

My Bridal consultancy with Jane was a very worthwhile experience and it opened my eyes setting up my bridal shop business. It was a very realistic plan, Thank you.
B.A New Business

I am glad we came to see Jane as I think we both got our eyes opened, I think we need more time to prepare for setting up our own business. We would like to personally thank Jane.
I.S New Business

We all learnt far more than expected, there is more to the bridal business than we ever thought and Jane covered all areas.
B.R New Business

Loved the advice, told me what I didn’t want to hear!!
Great realistic advice, loads of ideas given and prompted, will be back for more!
L.E New Business

The whole experience has been enlightening and a positive feel for everything.
Major issues will be sorted and the business will be run as expected, so happy with all I have been shown and now quiet excited about the future.
W.B Established Business

Fantastic, worthwhile and enjoyable day, it has been absolutely invaluable.
Jane’s experience over many years in the Bridal Industry has given us the information and confidence we need to proceed. Thank you for a great day.
V.J and K.E New Business

This day has given us lots of useful information in a nice relaxed atmosphere and has made us realise that we can do this and will succeed.
G.C New Business

Found Jane to be very informative and friendly, we came with very little knowledge.
We feel much more confident; she was honest and firm with us and made us think about things we knew nothing about. We enjoyed the day, seriously worth the money and will be happy to take follow up consultancies.
P.J New Business